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[infographic] Social Media ShortCuts

How about some time-saving shortcuts for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+? Take a look:

quintly Infographic: Social Media Shortcuts - How To Save Your Time On Social Media Platforms

[infographic] StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon has been around for a while now and I pretty enjoy it. This infographic from Column Five Media breaks down the lifecycle of a web page on the service and sheds light on some interesting stats. For instance, 51 pages are added to StumbleUpon every minute. #wow


[infographic] LinkedIn

Do you know how to increase your LinkedIn engagement? Take a look here:

How to Increase Your LinkedIn Engagement by 386%

[infographic] The social side of Super Bowl 2014

Yes, still the topic of the week.

The-Social-Side-of-Super-Bowl-Ads-Revised-for-MashableSource: Mashable


[infographic] Super Bowl 2014

Of course, everyone watched the most important advertising game of the year.


Source: Adweek


Infographic: Metrosexual vs Heterosexual

Ladies, who would you prefer to date?

Metrosexual vs heterosexual

Metrosexual vs heterosexual


Source: Pinterest

Infographic: hipsters

How hipster are you?


Hipsters infographic


Source: Pinterest

Infographic: Geek vs. hipster

Do you know the difference between a geek and a hipster?


Geek vs Hipster


Source: Pinterest

The most-searched fashion designers of 2013

Mashable.com presents an interesting article about the most-searched fashion designers of 2013, according to Bing searching tool.

Believe it or not, in the U.S., fashion icon and designer Victoria Beckham took the crown as the most-searched fashion designer of 2013, while former Project Runway judge Michael Kors followed in the number two spot — Kors was in the top of the results for the second year in a row (he was number one in 2012).

Ralph Lauren, an American favorite best known for his Polo clothing brand, took third for the most-searched designer of 2013. Staples of the industry, both Chanel and Gucci remained strong, coming in at numbers four and six respectively.

Here’s a look at the top 10 most-searched fashion designers, according to BingTrends.com (more…)

Infographic: 10 signs you dress like a hipster

Are you hipster enough?


Dress like a hipster


Source: Pinterest

How to promote a museum using Facebook

leon vivien

That simple:

Their Facebook page.

PR Pret-a-Porter.



Understanding China’s social media

In terms of luxury, the retailers can use in China the following social media channels, according to CPP-Luxury:SOCIAL MEDIA

Successful social media platforms:

WeChat – owned by Tencent, hosts over 200 million users and has allowed brands like Louis Vuitton and Coach to send product details daily. Chow Tai Fook uses the platform to send promotional text messages and rewards those who share or reply.

Meilishuo & Moguai – similar to Pinterest, where members make virtual collections of favorite items. Beauty brands like Lancome and Yue-Sai have been quick to see the value of these sorts of websites.

iQiyi – Baidu’s video-streaming service has become the second-largest site in China. Luxury auto brands like Audi and Buick are launching “storytelling” advertising campaigns here, including a test-drive market program and Buick sponsored TV programming – iQiyi is a great way for interactive advertising to revs its engines. (more…)

Audi City London – A New Dimension of Audi Brand Experience

The new Audi City ‘Digital Showroom’ presents a new form of retail experience for a car brand, one that can fit in any typical high-street store or shopping centre mall, so brands can increase the volume of people who experience the brand and the car, in virtual form with a few tactile exhibits like the paint and leather.

The Audi City Store consists of multiple interactive digital walls, controlled by pressure sensor floor plates and large tablet-style devices allowing customers to create a car from the group up and see the car in true scale on the huge digital walls in front of them.


Better tomorrow,

PR Pret-a-Porter.

Volkswagen Street View Quest: Pin It to Win It

Volkswagen provokes South Africa with the Volkswagen ‘Street Quest’ advergame… It’s a Facebook challenge to find and ‘Pin’ as many Volkswagens on South African roads as possible, using a gamified, custom version of Google Street View.

The campaign is running over a 4 week period, where the people who can pin the most Volkswagen’s, will earn a seat at the grand final, which will be a real-life version of the Street Quest. Very cool work from the guys at Ogilvy Cape Town.


Intel “Me the Musical”

The latest Intel social experience,  ‘Me The Musical’, is a simple Facebook Connect which generates a pretty catchy animated musical video powered by the content on your timeline. Telling a story from the day you were born through to today, highlighting various global hits, technology feats like the start of the internet and so on, as they little characters walk down your timeline, passing everything you like and interact with on the way to today! Check it out here.

Better tomorrow,

PR Pret-a-Porter.

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