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Most memorable tweets of 2011

Source: Mashable

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Kim Kardashian’s marriage: PR ?

If PR Daily is writing about her, then is big. Not only news for fashionable magazines, but an example for PR itself.

The Kardashian family provokes strong feelings. You either love’em or you hate’em.

Whether the reality stars inspire devotion or dry heaving will likely dictate your reaction to the widely reported divorce between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries.

The pair was married two months ago in a much-hyped ceremony that was a big television event. While the couple shot a season of reality television in New York, rumors swirled that the relationship was on the rocks.

And now, 72 days after they said “I do,” Kim has filed for divorce.

Thus far, it has inspired the Twitter hashtag “Thingslongerthankimsmarriage,” which has been trending since word of the divorce leaked on Monday.

Days or weeks or months from now, Kim will do the People interview. She might talk to Barbara Walters before the Super Bowl. Humphries will talk to Matt Lauer. And we’ll all cast judgments on a relationship about which we have no idea—but that’s exactly why Kim made a reported $10,358.80 an hour while she was married to Humphries.

So, let’s judge. What do you think: Will the (soon to be) twice-divorced Kim come out of this looking more like Elizabeth Taylor—or a desperate fame junky?

My personal opinion is that it’s all about advertising. Glam life is better online, offline and at TV!

Better tomorrow,

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