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Turn on your Light Bulb

oana vasiliuIt’s amazing how a book can be such an inspiration and how fast can you learn to do right things only if you make some small notes and apply them in real life. Of course, it’s again about “Public Relations for Dummies” 2nd edition. I also wrote here what I found interesting.

Thomas Edison said that genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. Today is about creativity.  How can you turn on the light bulb. Authors Eric Yaverbaum and Bob Bly offers us some great tips:

  • Go to a toy store and look around. Can you create a game to publicize your message ?
  • Keep a swipe file – a file of promotions that you especially like or that at least caught your eye. Use them for inspiration when planning your own PR.
  • Ask employees for suggestions. Reward the best idea.
  • Browse the library or bookstore. Or hang out at a museum. Inspiration often strikes in places where you’re surrounded by ideas.
  • Look outside your industry. What is a common, successful promotion in one industry may be creatively copied and applied to your industry.
  • Read literature on creative thinking.
  • Keep a pad and a pen with you all the times to record thoughts as they occur to you.
  • Whenever you write down a creative idea, drop it into a paper file or enter it into your computer. Keep a central idea file that you can dip into when you need a new creative inspiration.

Better tomorrow,

PR Pret-a-Porter.

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