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Coca-Cola’s summer proposal

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Coca-Cola did it again:

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Coca-Cola: World’s Largest Stop-Motion Video With Post-It Notes

Coca-ColaFor the Coca-Cola Conference of Happiness’ Wall of Happiness, Italian artist Eduardo Zamarro was commissioned to create the world’s largest stop-motion video using only post-it notes. The 1 million post-it notes (roughly 27,000 for each mural) feature messages of happiness from people in European cities. The mural was put together by 20 students and artists to create 135 artworks in only 15 days. Locals passing by the mural were invited to scribble their own ideas and messages of happiness as part of the mural experience.

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Coca Cola versus Pepsi


Top 10 Most Admired Companies

Fortune publicized top 50 most admired companies based on a study where business people were asked to vote for the companies that they admired most, from any industry.  (more…)

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