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Fun Break – Email via The Oatmeal

I’m a fan of The Oatmeal, as you already know. I wrote here, here and here about their funny stuff. Today, The Oatmeal tells us something about our email address. Take a look and enjoy!

Better tomorrow,

PR Pret-a-Porter.

The Oatmeal Grammar Break (part 2)

English grammar is a bit tricky when it comes to writing. Of course that we are aloud to make mistakes because we are human beings not computers, but some of us abuse of non-grammar writing. For all, I’m gonna present The Oatmeal’s Apostrophe lesson.



Source: The Oatmeal

Better tomorrow,

PR Pret-a-Porter.


Grammar break via The Oatmeal

Are you scared of a semicolon ?oana vasiliu

This is a challenge from The Oatmeal, one of the best creative sites I’ve seen in a while.

The little punctuation mark only wants to make your life easier. To start using it correctly, take a look at this handy infographic fromĀ The Oatmeal. Before you know it, you’ll be using semicolons left and right. Correctly, of course.

oana vasiliu

Here are a few pointers to get you started:

  • Semicolons link two independent clauses. Each clause should be able to exist by itself as a complete sentence.
  • Don’t use a semicolon with a conjunction.
  • Semicolons signal you to pause. Pause longer than you would with a comma, but not as long as you would with a period.
  • Use semicolons if you are making a list of items separated by commas.
oana vasiliu
Cool enough for me and for the grammar update.
Better tomorrow,
PR Pret-a-Porter.

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