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Burberry’s 1.000.000 followers on Twitter celebration

The @Burberry account, which now has 1,039,720 followers and rising, has bought the #thanksamillion promoted tweet and is replying to the many congratulations it is receiving today directly.

It is a great idea that is really well executed and they are turning the thank you notes around very quickly.  Brand Republic sent its a  few minutes later we got this back.

This all underscores the change at Burberry, which ten years ago was a brand in trouble. Today the story is very different. Much of the innovation has come under Christopher Bailey, the brand’s chief creative officer.

Bailey has said that he believes the company is now “as much a media-content company as a design company”. That shows a sharp recognition of what it means to be a modern brand and how success is as much in the places where it exists as its clothes.

This has led to a string of digital innovations. Notable among these has been Burberry’s Tweetwalk which saw it partner 

with Twitter to post backstage Twitpics of every look before they were sent down the runway.

This allowed the brand’s Twitter followers to see its runway looks in advance of fashonistas in the front row. A great little innovation.

It also allowed Mike Kus, the most-followed Instagram user in the UK, to take over its Instagram account during the Tweetwalk extending that democratisation of the fashion world a little further.


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Smart on Twitter in Argentina

One word : WOW !

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